Our profession:

Certainly, the evolution of our profession allows us to work on contemporary realizations which is exciting.

Nonetheless, on this site we wanted to pay homage to the great craftsmen and to their skills which are increasingly becoming scarce.

Made by a master artisan, a volute such a simple and delicate element appears to us to be the best expression of quality craftsmens art..



Volute (decorative element

tipical of a smiths trade).

The volutes quality reflects

the smiths mastership.





Anvil and its tip.

Smith hammer

Griffon (utensiles which insure the

mantainance and care of tools used to forge)




First work on a volute.

"Noyau" creation (curved

part where the volute begins.)



Etau ("Vise")

Faux rouleau (a matrix prepared in a thinner

iron [without the use of heat] which is

then used to build the volute.



Realizaton of the volute

which is build around the faux

rouleau utilizing "griffon".



Realizaton of the volute on a drawer

in eral scale to insure its precision before

its final assembly.


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